Cincinnati SAR Presents Revolutionary War Period History Demonstration atDudley Woods Park in Liberty Township

At 10 AM on Saturday, October 2, 2021 a contingent of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (CCSAR) arrived at 5591 Hankins Rd, Liberty Township, OH and set up several displays and an area to give physical demonstrations of actions and activities from the 18 th century Revolutionary War Period. The reconstructed Gregory Log Cabin (circa late 1700s) enabled visitors to experience both the early heritage of Liberty Township and throughout the Colonies during our War with Britain.

This was the second time the CCSAR gave a Historic presentation the those who visited the park over the four hours, with only a little threatening rain to interfere. CCSAR’s Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard Commander served as emcee and speaker at each of the six demonstrations, Tim Madden manned the information table, Mark Holland’s family showed colonial life in the tent they erected north of the Gregory Cabin, National and Regimental Colors were posted on the north lawn. In front of the split rail fence surrounding the Cabin Drs. Jeff Hartman and Michael Gunn set up tables demonstrating a myriad of items of the 18th Century in common use by soldiers and the public of the times. These included a rack of flintlock guns, a rack of the four main swords used in the Revolutionary War and a sundry of support items used daily; accompanied by explanations of their use.

Lt. Brad Jarard led six physical presentations, two musket salutes, two bayonet charges, and two uniform descriptions; with all members sharing close-up showing of their weapon parts and Guest Drummer Bart Hendershot talking about the importance of musicians in the Revolutionary War. The sixty+ attendees seemed to enjoy the event, particularly the children. Supporting CCSAR members: Michael Blum, Bob Bowers, George Stewart, Jeff Hartman, Doug Blake and Michael Gunn were happy to help keep the actions of our founding fathers alive and living in the minds and hearts of all attendees.

18th Century Artifact & weapons display
Close-up demonstration of Flintlocks

Bayonet Charge demonstration
Color Guard formation

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