Cincinnati SAR Chapter Recognizes Eagle Scout Twins

Cincinnati SAR Scott Freeman braved some really nasty weather on January 17th, 2022 to participate in an Eagle Scout Award Ceremony in Ironton Ohio. Thanking Scott for participating, sharing photos and providing notes of this historic event which was recorded in the Ironton Tribune by Heath Harrison.

Scott Freeman – Cincinnati SAR – addresses Eagle Scout Award Ceremony for the Anderson twins

Ben Anderson and Sami Anderson, of BSA Troop 106, of Ironton, Ohio were honored attaining the rank of Eagle Scout, during a Jan. 17, 2022 ceremony at the Knights of Columbus. They stand as the first set of twins to go Eagle in the BSA Frontier District.

Ben and Sami Anderson – Dynamic Duo

Only two percent of scouts attain the rank of Eagle Scout, scoutmaster David Lucas, of Ironton’s Troop 106 said, and it is “always exciting” for when that happens, but a ceremony on Jan. 17 was made even more so because of the historic firsts it represented.

Emblem of the Boy Scouts of America

Siblings Benjamin D. Anderson and Samantha Anderson, both of Ironton, went before the Court of Honor, where they went Eagle at a ceremony at the Knights of Columbus 3101.

Ben is a member of Troop 6106 and Sami is a member of Troop 7106, both of part of the 106 Troop. The two, both seniors at St. Joseph High School, stand as the first set of twins to go Eagle in the BSA Frontier District, which covers southern Ohio and parts of Kentucky, and Sami is the first female to go Eagle in the BSA Frontier.

Scott shared that the ceremony was well attended and Scott presented Records of Achievement from the Cincinnati SAR Chapter to this highly accomplished sister / brother dynamic duo.

Scott Freeman presents Cincinnati SAR Chapter Record of Achievement to the Anderson twins

This was Scott’s hometown, and the closest Ohio SAR Chapter is in Athens Ohio. Scott indicated that there is at least one more Scout from this Chapter who should obtain the rank of Eagle this year and the plan is for Cincinnati SAR to participate in that event. Scott shared that SAR offers additional SAR Awards and Scholarships for Scout members and encouraged the Troop 106 Leaders and members to inquire and apply in the future.

Sharing the Awards Program

In patriotism,

D. Scott Freeman

Cincinnati Chapter

Sons of the American Revolution


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