Cincinnati SAR 7th Annual Awards Gala

At our annual awards banquet this year we had the opportunity celebrate on a number of fronts, the Christmas and Hanukah Seasons as well as recognition and presentation of awards.  Ohio Society President, Steve Hinson and his First Lady were present for the celebrations as well.

President of the Ohio Society SAR L. Steven Hinson and First Lady Venie Hinson

During this event we had occasion to induct a new member into our society.  Newly minted Compatriot Mark Allen Matthews, accompanied by his wife Lisa, was administered the oath of membership by President Hinson of the Ohio Society SAR, presented his Certificate of Membership and pinned with his member’s rosette by his sponsor, Compatriot Gordon Stokely.

A little later in the program we took time to congratulate our 2020 slate of new Chapter Officers.  President Hinson graciously administered the oath of office to the assembled group and thanked them for their leadership and willingness to be of service to the Chapter and Ohio Society in the coming year.

The 2020 Slate of Chapter Leadership
President – Turner Lee Wilkerson III, 1st Vice President – Gregory D. Ballman, 2nd Vice President – George H. Stewart, Treasurer – Michael J. Blum, Secretary – Clayton L. Crandall, Webmaster – Douglas L. Blake. Chaplain – Dr. R. Edgar Bonniwell, Historian – Gary L. Duffield, Registrar – Franz B. Ott II, BOM 1 – Daniel S. Schmitz, BOM 2 – James H. Houston, BOM 3 – Kerry L. Langdon, BOM 4 – Robert E.R. Bowers, BOM 5 – Dr. Jeffery M. Hartman
Past Color Guard Commander, Shaun Smith (center), and his wife Christine and daughter Macey are presented with a Chapter Remembrance from the current Color Guard Commander, Mike Gunn and his wife, Carol.
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