Cincinnati Chapter visits Saratoga for Battle of Saratoga Commemoration on 14 September

Cincinnati SAR Past President Jack Bredenfoerder was a guest member of the Saratoga Battlefield SAR Color Guard for a memorial service at the Saratoga Battlefield in Saratoga, New York. The ceremony was held on Sunday, September 15th and was sponsored by the Saratoga Battle Chapter SAR, The Saratoga Chapter DAR and Saratoga area C.A.R. Compatriot Bredenfoerder laid a wreath on behalf of the Germany Society SAR. Compatriot Bredenfoerder has several ancestors who lived near Saratoga during the Revolution War. For this reason, he memorialized their history by becoming a dual member of the Saratoga Battle Chapter SAR. We thank the Saratoga Battle Chapter SAR for their hospitality and a fine tribute to those who fought in this very  important Revolutionary War battle.


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