For the last four years we have taken a team of presenters into the schools in the Greater Cincinnati area, hosting festivals on the American Revolution, promoting our Poster/Brochure contest. Covid19 closed every door this year for having that type of experience; nevertheless, there were students who took the initiative, contacting Dr. Ed Bonniwell, indicating their desire to participate. This was met with great affirmation; and happily, Carissa Gallier is our first-place winner regarding our Poster Contest. Our second-place winner is Sarah Gallier. Our first-place winner for the Cincinnati Chapter Brochure Contest is Jackson S. Torrans; second place is Olivia R. Schaurer; and third place is Lena Gallier. We also wish to make honorable mention of Linnea Doughman and Anna Gallier.

First Place Brochure Winner 2021

The pictures that we have of the winning Posters and Brochures hardly do them justice. The submissions of our winners at the Cincinnati Chapter level were all entirely excellent, and may very well win at the State level. While we are not having a Banquet again this year, it is our hope to honor these young people in the April-May Banquet 2022.

First Place Poster Winner 2021

The study of American History ennobles our vision for love of country and reminds all of those sovereign providences that allowed our nation to be duly constituted under the most challenging of circumstances.

We members of SAR salute the young people who participated in these contests, given the raging Covid pestilence. Our best wishes and heartfelt prayers are extended to them as they continue pursuing academic excellence. Letters of congratulation and financial rewards have been sent, and we do so proudly.

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