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The Sons of the American Revolution has implemented a Patriotic Reading program.

George Stewart, President of our Cincinnati Chapter of the SAR introduced this program here in Cincinnati to add value to our existing and active Youth Education and Awards efforts.

A link to all of our Youth Awards Programs is below:

Youth Awards – Contests & Scholarships

George modeled this program after the South Carolina SAR efforts.  Note George’s ancestors came from the South Carolina area so there is a special bond there.

The program works by holding an invitational orientation at the Elementary and Middle School student level.  Most efforts to date have focused at the Elementary school level.

George has been instrumental in implementing this in the Cincinnati area.

The requirements are that prospective readers complete the reading of three (3) patriotic books addressing Colonial or American Revolutionary War time periods.

A pamphlet is attached which outlines the program, the requirements and certificate award requirements.  The Pamphlet also has a list of suggested reading for both Elementary and Middle School levels.

Youth Ed Brochure (1)

To date since this program was launched in the Cincinnati area, seven (7) certificates have been awarded.  We are excited about this program and want to get many youths to participate.

Recently an elementary school student Sweta Adhikari of Monroe Elementary School in Monroe Ohio  completed the requirements, and was awarded a Patriotic Reading Program certificate.

Below is a video of Sweta reading from one of her chosen books “The Winter of Red Snow”.  Note that her parents approved release of this video.

The three books she read for her certificate were:

1. Would you join the fight? – by Don Brown

2. Let the fight begin! – by Elaine Landon

3. The Winter of Red Snow – by Kristina Gregory

If your school would like to participate in this patriotic historical reading program, please use the “Contact Us” link to contact us and start the discussion.

If you are interested in pursuing on your own as a way to get started, please take a look at the attached pamphlet which outlines the requirements, reach out to us for support and guidance and simply get started!

Attached is an example of the Certificate you will earn for completing the requirements.

Reading Certificate Template (3)

Wouldn’t this look better with your name in it?

Thanks for your interest!!

Lets get reading!

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