Youth Education Event – Mariemont Experiential School – Revolutionary War History Presentations

On April 14, 2023 three Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (CCSAR) members met at the Mariemont Experiential School for Revolutionary War History Presentations.

To insure safety, at about 9:30 AM the members completed a weapons check supervised by a Terrace Park Police Officer.

The CCSAR participants marched up to an outdoor arena with seating for the Mariemont Experiential School Teachers & Students.

Outdoor Event with Flags, Artifacts from the American Revolutionary War

Jack Bredenfoerder led the 130 students in singing our national Anthem after Mike Gunn led them in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag provided by the school. Then Ed Bonniwell followed Jack and Mike with a description of his Patriot Ancestor, the Continental uniform he was wearing and the service his ancestor provided in the Revolutionary War.

The event proceeded back into the school.  The CCSAR members split up into three locations where Jack was in the Cafeteria, Ed was in the Auditorium and Mike in the Library.  The students listened to each of the three presentations and rotated to the next.

Mike Gunn presents information on uniforms worn during the Revolutionary War

The information and experiences shared with the students and faculty was well received.

Message from Ed Bonniwell – “Yesterday I was privilege to be with Brian Sugerman, who is in charge of experiential learning for the Mariemont school system. A small cadre of presenters spoke to 120 4th graders on the American Revolution! Ed spoke on the Battle of Yorktown. It was a great time and all of us in the SAR were incredibly impressed with the school teachers faculty, the Young school Assistant Superintendent. And the kids were so into it and most impressive. It was just a wonderful day.”

Ed Bonniwell – Cincinnati Sons of the American Revolution with Brian Sugerman of Mariemont Experiential School


Thank you to the leadership of the Mariemont Experiential School for permitting us to present this American History to these students and young minds.

Thank you to the students who showed a keen interest in what was being presented to them and learning more about the effort to create these United States of America.

That is priceless!


Submitted by Mike Gunn

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