What is the Proper Way to Care for our Ancestors Gravesite? Come and find out!

As a member of the SAR, we have patriot ancestors who go back 250 years.

Many of us have sought out and visited our patriot grave sites.

Some of these cemeteries are well maintained, some are not.

Well maintained stone with a SAR Marker installed

Often we come upon these headstones and we feel honored to want to “clean them up”, return some luster and make them shine again.

Our goals include trying to show we care, expressing our gratitude for their service and life, and for us to give something back.

Our first reaction is to “fix this” by using some of our common chemicals and cleaning solutions we use today for our homes and vehicles.

However, I have been warned that many of these modern day solutions may actually harm the stone.

Are you interested in preserving your family or local historical cemetery, but are unsure of how to take care of it properly?

We have some answers for you!

If you are interested in learning more about taking care of family cemeteries or individual headstones / markers you are in luck.

Bruce and Robin Bennett had shared at our last general member meeting in February that the Boone County Library was sponsoring a day-long cemetery preservation workshop on May 20th, 2023.  We have the information now for you to register to find out

This event will be hosted by the Big Bone Baptist Church and Cemetery in Union KY (address is 11036 Big Bone Church Road, Union Ky 41091.

There is a $25 fee which will cover lunch and supplies.

Registration is required and space is limited so please commit early to get your spot reserved.

The link to the event with registration instructions is below:


To Register – once on the above site, there is a “Register” button in the upper left in “Green”. Click on that button and it will take you to a “Registration Page” where you enter your name, email address and phone. There will be an email confirmation sent to you so please enter a valid email address. If there are any updates, they will be sent via email.

Google Map location of the Church is below:


Thank you Bruce and Robin for sharing this event which will benefit our members.  Hopefully we will have strong participation from both the SAR and DAR.

Our hope is that following this event, we can compare notes and share out with our members “Best Practices” for maintaining our patriot ancestors final resting places.

Act now to reserve your spot! 

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