Washington Park – Sunday Nov 12th – Veterans Day – Grave Marking and Week of Special Events

On Sunday November 12th at 11:30AM in Washington Park the Cincinnati Sons of the American Revolution will conduct a grave marking ceremony commemorating the sacrifices of five American Revolutionary War Patriots.

The Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution are dedicated to recognize the Patriot graves of over 450 Revolutionary War patriots buried in the Cincinnati area, 55 possibly buried at Washington Park (before 1850’s was two cemeteries).

This is one of a number of future events with the goal of recognizing all of these Patriots prior to the 250th Anniversary (2026) of the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776.

Mike Gunn of CCSAR Presents “Washington’s Eyes” and leads the Grave Marking Ceremony at Washington Park

This event will be part of a week long activities honoring our nations veterans.

SAR Color Guard performs musket salute at previous Washington Park Grave Marking Ceremony

Presentation of Living History – At 10:00am just prior to the Grave Marking, Mike Gunn will present the educational living history narrative “Washington’s Eyes”.

Timing of SAR Events:

10:00AM – 11/12 – Presentation – Mike Gunn, Chairman of the Grave Marking Committee will be the host of this event for CCSAR. Mike will make a presentation titled “Washington’s Eyes” at 10:00AM in Memorial Hall (adjacent to Music Hall at 1225 Elm Street – downtown Cincinnati).

11:30AM – 11/12 – Grave Marking – the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, led by Mike Gunn will conduct a grave marking ceremony for five Revolutionary War patriots. This event will occur in Washington Park (across street from Memorial Hall at 1230 Elm Street, Cincinnati)

Mike Gunn sharing background on the Patriots recognized, flanked by Lee Wilkerson, Emcee for a past event

Washington Park headstones recognizing the past use of the park as a cemetery

These two events are part of a larger slate of activities for Sunday 11/12 as well as the week leading up to the Sunday 11/12 Events. Sharing below an agenda for the week honoring Veterans.

There will be an annual art installation displaying art created by Veterans. This exhibits are sponsored by the Veteran’s Administration Creative Therapy Program.

The five Revolutionary War Patriots we will be recognizing on November 12th are:

Adam Boss (1762 – 1833) Served with Maryland Militia
Nathaniel Clark (1757– 1832) Served with Massachusetts & Rhode Island
Duncan Dunn (1752 – 1838) Served as a Sergent with New York and Vermont
Joseph Hall (1761 – 1818) Served with Morgan’s 11th Regiment
Richard S. Holden (1761 – 1831) Served Massachusetts with Colonel Bigelow at Valley Forge

Join us in celebrating the lives of Veterans everywhere and experience a SAR Patriot Grave Marking event.


Memorial Hall – site of presentation “Washington’s Eyes” and the Veterans Day events for the week of 11/6

• 9:00am – Doors open, art exhibition open in ballrooms
• 9:30am – House opens for lecture
• 10:00am – SAR – “Washington’s Eyes” lecture in Memorial Hall theater
• 11:00am – Lecture ends, exhibition remains open
• 11:30am – SAR – Grave Marking – (across street at Washington Park)
• 12:00pm – Doors close for lunch, Bengals game
• 6:30pm – House opens for concert
• 7:00pm – Concert
• 8:15pm – Concert ends, standing reception in ballrooms


Mo, 11/6 – Display at night, 6:30pm – 9:30pm (Jazz at the Memorial Hall) ~100 patrons)
Tu, 11/7 – Display daytime and nighttime (Victor Wooten, ~500 patrons)
We, 11/8 – Display daytime and nighttime (Classic Lightfoot, ~200 patrons)
Th, 11/9 – Display daytime and nighttime (Valerie June, ~400 patrons)
Fr, 11/10 – Display daytime and nighttime (Eagles Project, ~500 patrons)


Memorial Hall proudly continues its century-long mission of honoring Cincinnati veterans with a full day of patriotic programming. Visual arts, symphonic music and history coalesce in an evocative celebration of our armed services.

Tickets to “Washington’s Eyes” and the Queen City Concert Band performance are free of charge, but reservations are required. Tickets are not required to view the Veterans Art Exhibition.

Cincinnati Veterans Art Exhibition – Experience a showcase of work by veterans participating in the Cincinnati VA’s Creative Therapy Program. Mediums included in past veteran shows have included painting, drawing, sculpture and photography; applied art that includes ceramics, woodcarving, needlework and leatherwork; and craft kits such as string art, fabric art and wood building. This exhibition is part of a veteran’s therapy and provides recognition for their artistic accomplishments.

Gallery Hours

Mo, 11/6 – 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Tu, 11/7 – 1:00pm – 9:00pm
We, 11/8 – 1:00pm – 9:00pm
Th, 11/9 – 1:00pm – 9:00pm
Fr, 11/10 – 1:00pm – 9:00pm
Sa, 11/11 – TBD
Su, 11/12 – 9:00am – 12:00pm, 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Note, tickets are not required to view the art exhibition, nor the presentation “Washington’s Eyes”

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