Veterans Day – Presentation by Jack Lechner – former Head of Arlington Cemetery

On Saturday November 12th members of the Cincinnati Chapters of SAR and DAR joined to participate in a Veterans Day luncheon. It was a blustery day, the first touch of snow filled the air, welcoming Old Man Winter.

The event was hosted by the Manor House in Mason, OH.

After posting of the colors lead by the Cincinnati SAR Color Guard, we enjoyed a terrific lunch.

Dr. Ed Bonniwell shares a moment of prayer at the beginning of our event.

This year, we were honored at our Veterans Day Luncheon by the presence of Retired US Army Colonel Jack Lechner.

Retired US Army Co. Jack Lechner

Mr. Lechner is a former Superintendent of Arlington National Cemetery.

We were presented a video which chronicled the issues facing the Arlington National Cemetery leading to Mr. Lechner being drawn out of a brief (one day) retirement.  Mr. Lechner shared the changes in management and operations for the cemetery to address and correct the known shortcomings.

Color Guard members at ease!

As we listened, one could feel the sense of honor, respect and commitment the Arlington team feels toward their responsibilities in taking care of the honored dead and their respective families.

George Stewart, CCSAR President addresses the luncheon audience

You could feel the obligation they all felt toward those who suffered on behalf of our great country.  The commitment to remembering all with the utmost reverence and heartfelt thanks.

SAR Color Guard posting colors at the start of our event

Mr. Lechner shared stories or experiences he had during his time leading the Arlington team.   They attacked the challenges they encountered, and overcame the enemy.   As a result, the leadership and operations team is well positioned going forward.

George Stewart presents a SAR Good Citizenship Medal to Jack Lechner

It was a humbling event, one which you could feel a knot in your stomach and the hair raise on the back of your neck.  We honor those who commit to show our nations fallen the respect they deserve.

Mr. Lechner is now the President & Chief Executive Officer of the Cincinnati College of
Mortuary Science.  He joined them in January of 2016.

Col. Jack Lechner at a presentation in Arlington Cemetery

Bio – Jack Lechner – Brief

In conclusion, we were blessed to have someone with Mr. Lechner’s accomplished service share the mission and obligations of the Arlington Cemetery team with us.

The Colors were retired and Dr. Ed Bonniwell lead us in prayer to conclude our program.

Remember, remember those who served and sacrificed for us all.  We owe them gratitude and respect for all.

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