Veterans Day Ceremony – MARS Hill Academy – Friday 11/10/2023

Remember our Veterans, all gave, some gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy every day!!

On Friday morning November 10th, in Mason Ohio, the MARS Hills Academy (MHA) had a school assembly where they celebrated Veterans Day.  This is an annual event for this institution of Christian guided learning for grades K-12.

Our thanks extend forever!

The Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (CCSAR) was invited again to participate.  The CCSAR Color Guard participated in the initial flag posting effort and after the program was completed performed a three volley musket salute and demonstrative bayonet charge for a select group of students.

CCSAR Color Guard members – from left to right – Bob Bowers, Gary Duffield, George Stewart, Dan Schmitz, Tim Madden, Jack Bredenfoerder, Lee Wilkerson and Ed Bonniwell

We applaud MHA for including this Veterans Day program  in their student education experience.  We are grateful that our young adults are exposed an understand of the contributions and sacrifices of veterans to our country and the freedoms we enjoy as a result.

Participation in the MHA Veterans Day program is a direct result of the efforts of the Cincinnati Sons of the American Revolution (CCSAR) – Youth Education outreach program led by Bob Bowers and Dr. Ed Bonniwell.

CCSAR Youth Education member Dr. Ed Bonniwell presents “The Battle of Yorktown” to MHA students

Due to privacy laws, we unfortunately are not able to show photos of the faces of the children without express consent of the parents.

The Emcee of the event was Michael J. McKenna who is the Headmaster of the school.  He introduced the participants to the Veterans and elected officials who were present at the event.

The Star Spangled Banner was sung by the audience followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Josie Kimble a sixth grade student.

Two MHA students gave inspiring addresses with Matthew Schatz (7th Grade) “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” and Lydia Ware (8th Grade) “The Gettysburg Address”.  Two extremely impressive performances.

The MHA Chamber Singers sang a lovely “Mansions of the Lord”.

The Keynote Address was given by Brian Pollock Major USAF (retired).  Mr. Pollock talked about the wonderful life experiences he had while serving as an industrial and civil engineer in the active service followed by a number of years as a defense contractor and government civilian serving the USAF.  Brian spoke of the opportunities for young men and women who enter the military service in any of the branches.  We are grateful for his service to his country.

The program for the event is attached:

Program – Mars Hills – Veterans Day Nov 10 2023

During the ceremony MHA recognizes “friends” of MHA with military service who have passed during the last year.  This was moving and friends and relatives of Woody Campbell were in attendance.

A wonderful playing of taps was performed by one of the MHA staff.

After the ceremony concluded, CCSAR Youth Education representative Dr. Ed Bonniwell spoke to a classroom of students and made a Revolutionary War era presentation on “The Battle of Yorktown”.

We were honored to be invited to participate in this event and are thrilled to see this fine MHA education program acknowledge and honor our men in uniform for this Veterans Day ceremony.

Honor and remember our Veterans!

Remember, everyday is a celebration of our freedoms!!

Never Forget their Sacrifices!!!

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