Veterans Day 2019 Remembered

It was just 101 years ago the War to End All Wars ended.

And while we continue to remember our veterans of the past—we are unceasingly aware that the list of veterans having willingly served our nation is unending!

The atmosphere for this gathering was created as one entered the passage leading to the dining room.  The Captain Howard Smith Flag collection flanked the corridor leading to displays of military artifacts that had been part of the uniforms & equipment of our servicemen from the American Revolution through the present day.

The Captain Howard Miller Flag Collection
Military artifacts displayed from all wars

Our National Colors had been presented and retired by the Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard.

The Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard
Cincinnati Chapter SAR

Our Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was led by four members of the Fort Washington and Fort Hamilton Chapters of the Children of the American Revolution.  We were also privileged to have in attendance regents and members of four different Chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution:  Cincinnati, Clough Valley, John Reily and Oxford Caroline Scott Chapters DAR.

Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag led by the Children of the American Revolution

As we gathered this past Saturday, November 9th, we were privileged to hear from two veterans of foreign wars. 

Compatriot William Malicote, a Navy Veteran of World War Two, shared a precious story of his desire to serve during a devastating war and the commencement of the enduring love for his young sweetheart and bride-to-be.  Compatriot Malicote’s story began with his enlistment in the US Navy in 1942 and included his marriage just prior to shipping out to Pearl Harbor.  He saw his bride once more after the war in 1945.  Today, they are still sharing the passion that brought them together so many years ago.  They recently celebrated their 77th Anniversary.

Torpedoman 3rd Class William Malicote
US Navy (1942 -1945)

A little later in the program, we heard from our Keynote Speaker for the day, another US Navy Veteran, albeit from a later conflict.  Former US Navy Lt. John Wayne Andrews, a 1966 fighter pilot in the skies of Vietnam, shared his experiences during that time in his life.  Wayne shared the trust in a shared faith that he and his bride relied upon in making his decision to volunteer for deployment to a combat zone.

Lt John Wayne Andrews
US Navy (1961 – 1967)

Both of our speakers shared their willingness, faith, values and patriotism in a humble manner that reflects well upon all of our veterans—an unending desire to contribute to the security and prosperity of America.

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