Veteran Honor Flight – Trip from CVG Airport to DC to visit Veteran Memorials

On Tuesday, October 17th, a plane full of patriotic Veterans took a trip of mixed emotions.

There was an “Honor Flight” on Tuesday where veterans from all branches of military service have the honor to participate in.  The flight starts in the morning, flies these veterans from Cincinnati metro area to Washington DC.  Once in DC, these veterans are taken to their respective war memorials to remember and honor those who passed in service to our country.  The also witness the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  One can only imaging how emotional this journey is for these veterans.

Here is a video by the local new station for the send off of these veterans to DC the morning of October 17th, 2023:

WLWT TV – Send off of Veterans to DC on Honor Flight

Each veteran is accompanied by a guest who helps them on their journey.  It could be a family member, friend, another veteran.  This “sponsor” assists them on this trip.

There were veterans participating from the various conflicts including WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the middle east and others.  Many veterans were provided wheel chair support as needed.

SAR and DAR representatives holding flags awaiting the arrival of Veterans (9/12/2023 event)

Upon return there was a significant welcoming committee of friends, relatives, community organizations and the press to record this uplifting event.  Arriving to bands playing, clapping well wishers, lots of thumbs up, and children handing out thank you letters from their classmates.  Many “thank you for your service” expressions were mouthed and spoken.

A video showing the return of these Honor Flight Veterans:

Fox 19 – Welcome Home for Honor Flights Veterans

Cincinnati SAR was there along with Kentucky SAR members, as well as area DAR members.  The SAR/DAR participants were dressed in Revolutionary War period attire and formed a line of historic flags, flags representing each branch of military service and  the Missing In Action (MIA) flag to remember those who did not return, who remain unaccounted for except in our hearts.

Cincinnati SAR Members (L to R) – Bob Bowers, George Stewart, Tim Madden, Mike Blum, Jerry Knight

It was an honor to be there.  To see these veterans who gave so much, looking into the crowd for their loved ones welcoming them home was truly incredible.  The twinkle in their eyes, the wet / moist eyes filled with pride and gratitude was inspirational.

The backs of the provide T-Shirts says it all:

“Thank a Veteran by Living a Life Worth Defending”

Many more “honor flights” will continue thanks to sponsors and donors and cooperation of the local civic groups and volunteers.

We can be grateful for these veterans service, sacrifice and painful journeys.  Our hope is that this ride is in a small way a thank you for what they have given our country.

Until next time!

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