Ulysses S. Grant – 200th Birthday Celebration – Clermont County Ohio – Events from Wed 4/27 through Sat. 4/30

To all you American history buffs, we have a special event happening in our own back yard. It is happening this week!

General Grant during the Civil War

The 200th celebration of Hiram Simpson Grant will be happening in Clermont County Ohio this week. You may better know him as U.S. Grant.

Mr. Grant is famous in his own right, however Mr. Grant has a documented Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) past with his Grandfather Captain Noah Delano Grant III being recognized by the SAR as a Patriot of the American Revolution. I guess that would be the basis for a SAR supplemental.

To get more information on the activities going on this week, click on the link below:


Events going on this week include:

  • Wed 4/27 – 6:00PM – Bicentennial Dinner – Norlyn Manor – Batavia
  • Thurs 4/28 – 6:00PM – Women in Grants Life – Georgetown
  • Fri. 4/29 – 6:00M – The Grant Family in Bethel
  • Sat. 4/30 – 10:00AM – A Conversation with General U.S. Grant
  • Sat. 4/30 – 12:00 Noon – U.S. Grant Celebration Lunch Day
  • Sat. 4/30 – 2:00PM – A Conversation with General U.S. Grant
  • Sat. 4/30 – 6-10PM – Band Concert, Light Show with Fireworks Finale

Born April 27, 1822 in a small home near the Ohio River in Point Pleasant, Ohio, Hiram “Ulysses” Simpson Grant began life in a humble atmosphere that mirrored his personality but not his legacy.

Starting out in Point Pleasant Ohio along Ohio River

Tour the birthplace of Ulysses S. Grant, Civil War Union general and two-term President of the United States. Learn how the Grant family established themselves in southern Ohio in the early nineteenth-century and discover the fascinating story of the house, which traveled Ohio before coming back to Point Pleasant.

President Grant

For more information surrounding U.S. Grant’s Bicentennial celebration visit www.discoverclermont.com/grant

I have visited the birthplace in Point Pleasant, the boyhood home in Georgetown Ohio, his parents graves in Spring Grove Cemetery on the west side of Cincinnati. Rarely do we have so much history about a great man in such a compact area.

Take the time to explore the history here in southwest Ohio and enjoy the festivities from 4/27 – 4/30/2022 here in southern Clermont County.

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