The Middletown Pioneer Cemetery ~ Wednesday, 10 June 2020

On a  brilliantly bright Springtime Wednesday afternoon, members of the Cincinnati Chapter met to solemnly mark at the grave sites and remember three heroes of the American Revolution.

  • Reverend James Grimes  P-170930 (1760-1846) Reverend Grimes served with Virginia and was taken Prisoner at Battle of Charleston.
  • David Heaton  P-178990 (1742-1839) Patriot Heaton served as a private in New Jersey with the “Batteries of the Jersies”.
  • Joseph Lummis  P-239662 (1760-1836) Patriot Lummis served as drummer in New Jersey.

Ohio Society President Lee Wilkerson was the Master of Ceremonies and the keynote speaker.  With members of the Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard present to render military honors to our ancestral veterans of the War for Independence.

Wreaths were placed over the graves, in spite of the windy conditions prevailing during the ceremony, by Cincinnati Chapter past-President Mike Gunn on behalf of the Indiana Society SAR, Highlanders Chapter President Gary Duffield, Compatriot Ken Burck on behalf of the Cincinnati Chapter and President Lee Wilkerson on behalf of the Ohio Society SAR.

The Patriot’s role call was made by Compatriot Jim Houston, Taps was rendered by Compatriot Gordon Stokely on the bugle.

This event had been in the planning stages for almost two years and had originally been slated for this past Patriot’s Day.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 forced a cancellation of many of the City of Middletown dignitaries and family descendants.

Additional members of the Cincinnati Chapter present and participating included: Compatriot Bob Sturm, Dan Scmitz, Gerry Hounschell, Chaplain Ed Bonniwell, 1st Vice President Greg Ballman, Ohio Society 2nd Vice President Jack Bredenfoerder,


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