The Fort Washington Monument

Since 1901 the Cincinnati Chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution and Sons of the American Revolution has been marking historical spots in Hamilton County, Ohio. From time to time I will point out some these points of interest.

monumentIn 1899 the Cincinnati Chapter of the Daughter of the American Revolution suggested that a monument be erected on the site of old Fort Washington. There was much discussion over the question as to the location of the fort as no one seemed to have any definite knowledge as to the exact site. The Chapter’s Historic Site Committee discovered in an old book published in 1815, a map of the fort was found and verified as accurate. The Cincinnati Chapter Sons of the American Revolution as well as other patriotic societies of Ohio were invited to participate in the work to build the monument. The result was that on Flag Day, June 14, 1901, a stone replica of a blockhouse of the fort was unveiled. This monument was first located at Third and Ludlow Streets.The Fort Washington Monument was moved about one block further north to make way for I-71 and is located near to the former Guilford School. The monument was rededicated November 11, 1998 in its new location.




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