The Cincinnati Chapter’s Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard Drum

201803-HistoryPost.PNGOn January 2, 2008, Color Guard Commander Randy Krueger discussed the purchase a new drum to be used by our Color Guard. The purchase price was $750.00 plus $50 shipping. The seller was a Mr. Dean Haemel from Maryland who wanted to sell it before he moved overseas. The new drum as in mint condition and used only 12 times since it was made in 2000. A Motion was made by Compatriot Gerry Hounchell and second by Compatriot John Kirts. The cost of the drum was paid for by donations. The DAR donated $100.00, Randy Krueger donated $100.00 and the remainder was from a unspecified donor represented by Compatriot Gerry Hounchell. Compatriot Jim Hough had the honor to be the first to play our new drum.

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