The 17th of August was the Classic Summer Day for a Picnic!

6th Annual Picnic Header

Guests were scheduled to begin arriving at 3:30 pm; all of the outdoor tables had been set; seating cushions were outdoors & ready to welcome picnickers; all of the relevant Regimental Colors and Society Flags and Banners were waving in the summer breeze—standing-by to greet the day’s summertime celebration.

Earlier in the day the weatherman/woman/person had forecast a temperature in the high 80’s, mostly sunny with occasional cumulonimbus clouds passing in review.  So, we can only wonder where the water logged cumulonimbus cloud that came scudding into the neighborhood, dumping one and a half inches of warm water on all of the outdoor preparations for this annual event came from.  It only took a matter of seconds for the rain to saturate everything—including the President as he raced around trying to get everything back inside—to no avail.

Before the President could get changed into dry clothes, the guests were arriving and commenting on how great it was that it had only been a quick summer shower and how glad they were that they had missed it!  Yes, the rain moved quickly on and things began to dry out.  Even the flags began to wave again as they dried out—the cushions though, they caused a little dampness on one’s backside—but is was warm!

By the end of the day we had the opportunity to enjoy fellowship and camaraderie with about thirty-five chapter members though out the house and yard.  We were pleased to see new members and even candidate members showing up to meet new friends.  We even had a surprise visit from some of our Phantom members—you know who you are!

As we began to bid farewell to one another, almost all of the food was gone—what was left was packed neatly into doggie bags and was walking out the front door!  Those of you that chose unwisely to miss this event, well—try to be here next year!


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