Taking One for the Team!

One of the duties and obligations of the Chapter leadership is to make sure the meals we serve at upcoming events meet the Cincinnati SAR needs and expectations.

Recently, the chapter leadership took on a meal for the team.

They appear to be pretty pleased with the meal they were served.

In their defense, for our December Awards meeting we selected a new venue – Receptions in Fairfield.

Taking one for the team! From left to right – Robin Bennett, Bruce Bennett, George Stewart, Scott Freeman, Kathleen Freeman

So, to test things out, they went to the Reflections event center for a test testing. They wanted to make sure the chapter will get nothing but the best to eat for our awards dinner.

Sometimes there are perks with the role.  They enjoyed making those hard decisions!

This year our Awards Dinner this year is on Friday evening December 9th from 6-10PM.  The address for this event is:  5975 Boymel Drive, Fairfield, OH.

As we get closer, we will share more details.

Hope to see you there!

Less than two months away!  Amazing!!


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