Sometimes You Really Have to Search to Find a Parade!

And that was the case for the Ohio Society SAR President on this Fourth of July!

Most, if not all, of the local Community Parades in and around Cincinnati had been cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Many members of our Chapters and Ohio Society have been left with the task of trying to make this very special day for all Americans a memorable one.  In contrast to the larger cancelled events, an announcement in our neighborhood Facebook page mentioned that the Beechwood Farms Neighborhood Independence Day Parade would go on as tradition demanded.  This opportunity was too good to pass up!  The Parade kicked off at 9 AM with the boys of Union Township Fire Department Leading the way…

4 July 1

They were followed by every youngster in the neighborhood on their highly decorated bicycles, tricycle, scooters, electric cars and of course, on foot!  The beauty of it all was the passion experienced not just because the kids were marching—but they were learning!  Their parents were encouraging their lesson in our National Heritage.

4 July 2

With each new generation, the discovery of who we are begins anew in the minds of our youngest citizens—it is a lifelong experience.  Learning of our past and how it informs our future and the truth of our uniquely American Character takes place every day of our lives.

4 July 3

But, the lessons learned are really a lot of fun when you are young—even when you are getting older it is truly joyful to see the learning experience in the smiles and brightness of young eyes!

Happy Birthday America….

We Are 244 Years Old Today!

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