SAR Service to Veterans Medal

From the SAR Website:

“The SAR Service to Veterans Medal may be awarded by an SAR chapter or a state-level society only to SAR members who have given long and exemplary service to veterans while serving as a representative of the National Society Sons of the American Revolution (SAR). The medal is awarded when a member has accrued 5,000 Stark Award points (these points can be a combination of time volunteered, clothing and/or money donated, or achievements in other areas based on the USS Stark Award Score Sheet).”

As a Compatriot of the Cincinnati Chapter we encourage you to participate in this program to honor our nation’s veterans. There are many ways to accumulate these points. The points are cumulative until you reach 5,000 and do not expire. Some are listed below:

  • Each hour served in VA Hospital volunteer service
  • Visiting a Veteran
  • Gifting personal care items to a veteran or veteran’s organization
  • Donating dollars to a veterans group
  • Each publication donated to VA Library
  • Attendance at special observance events
  • Attendance at Grave Marking
  • Flags and wreaths laying ceremonies
  • Submitting patriot grave items
  • Participation in a Veterans Funeral
  • Donating new or used clothes use fair market value
  • Donating new or used working items

Over the next few months, we will be providing some helpful hints on what you can do to accrue points and how to track the points while you serve our veterans. This month we will be discussing the donation of goods to Veteran’s organizations. Most people have, at one time or another, donated clothing to a charitable organization. The same donations can be used to accrue points for the Service to Veterans Medal.

First, find some things that you would like to donate to charity that you are not using or wearing anymore. You will need to estimate and track the value of the items that you wish to donate. This author’s recommended way of estimating values is by using the Valuation Guide for Goodwill Donors. It may be found at There is a low number value and a high number value for each type of item that is being. Be as realistic as possible.

Next, create a record for yourself of the items that you are donating and their values. The records can be very simple. A sample spreadsheet is available for you to use at this LINK.

What you should do next is find a Veterans organization that will accept your donations. Where I live, the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) does a convenient pickup at our home. You can schedule a pickup through their website or calling them. Their website address follows: Follow the rules on their website.

The last thing to do in the process is submit your records monthly for tracking by the Veterans Committee. A link to a spreadsheet can be found HERE to help you with your tracking and submission.

Thank you for supporting our Veterans.

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