Revolutionary War Patriots Honored by Cincinnati SAR on July 1, 2018

In an Enquirer article on page 13A published on July 5, 2018 and written by Jeff Suess (Cincinnati Enquirer and USA Today Network reporter), he describes Patriots of the American Revolution who died and are buried in what is now the City of Cincinnati. One is Joshua Wyeth whose interview in 1827 was the first public disclosure coining the term “Boston Tea Party” according to the blog Boston 1775.

We on the Patriots Grave Committee of the Cincinnati SAR were contacted by his
descendants in March, 2014 requesting assistance towards getting a VA tombstone for Joshua. When we saw the information about his experiences at the Tea Party and at the Battle of Bunker Hill, then his missing grave information from the cemeteries at what is now Washington Park in Cincinnati, we added his name to the 23 to be added to the Revolutionary War Patriots Monument in Spring Grove Cemetery on April 19, 2014. That monument now has the names of 59 Patriots of the Revolutionary War.

On July 1, 2018 the Cincinnati SAR Chapter celebrated the fifth ceremony and fourth annual Independence Day Celebration honoring those Fifty-nine Patriots who risked their lives for the freedoms and liberty we all enjoy today in these United States of America. At 1450 hours the following members reported for muster at the DAR/SAR Memorial at the north side of the Woodlands Section in Spring Grove Cemetery Arboretum: Turner Lee Wilkerson, Color Guard Commander; Shaun Smith; Dan Schmitz; Ken Carpenter, President of the Highlanders Chapter; Bob Bowers; Brad Jarard; Jack Bredenfoerder, President Cincinnati Chapter; Michael Gunn, past President Cincinnati SAR; Ed Boniwell; Clay Crandall; Chuck Rogers; George Stewart; Gregg Ballman; and Michael Blum all in Revolutionary War uniforms. The Colors were Posted by the Color Guard.

Beginning with our Pledge to the Flag, the SAR Pledge followed: “We the descendants of the heroes of the American Revolution who, by their sacrifices, established the United States of America, reaffirm our faith in the principles of liberty and our Constitutional Republic, and solemnly pledge ourselves to defend them against every foe.” An invocation was given by our Chaplin and guests and presenters were introduced. Emcee Gunn then read the re-dedication of the memorial: “We, the members of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution Re- dedicate this marked Memorial to the glory of God and in the recognition of the memory of these honorable Patriots of the American Revolution.”

Then Wreaths were placed at the monument, by: Ohio Society Lee Wilkerson;
Cincinnati Chapter Jack Bredenfoerder and Highlander Chapter Ken Carpenter, each
accompanied by an armed compatriot in uniform. The names of selected Patriots on the memorial were announced, each accompanied by the ringing of a bell. Then a 21 gun salute by 18th century muskets was presented, following the process of the Revolutionary War times. The SAR Recessional queued the conclusion of ceremonies, followed by the Color Guard retiring the colors and a Benediction by our Chaplain Ken Carpenter.

On this special day we shall once again give remembrance to all those who risked to safeguard our liberties on and around the field of battle and may God bless the United States of America.

Photo by Christine Smith, picturing the musket squad in the “Mourn” position in honor to the 59 named here and all those who’ve risked to safeguard our liberties on and around the field of battle.

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