Remains of Revolutionary War Combatants found in New Jersey – Research Continues

The Revolutionary War was brought again to the forefront with the recent discovery of remains and artifacts in the Red Bank Battlefield Park on the Delaware River in National Park, N.J..

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In a remarkable find that adds a new chapter to New Jersey’s distinguished Revolutionary War history, the 245-year-old remains of a group of soldiers have been found in a field in Gloucester County near the site of a key battle in the nation’s fight for independence.

An archeological dig just outside Red Bank Battlefield Park has uncovered the skeletal remains of up to 12 individuals — believed to be Hessian soldiers fighting for Great Britain against the Continental Army — who were killed during a one-day battle in 1777, according to Rowan University officials who help coordinate a dig at the site.

They also uncovered a wide range of other items, including musket balls, brass buttons, a uniform knee buckle containing human blood, and a King George III gold guinea that would have been the equivalent of a soldier’s monthly pay, officials said.

What is amazing is the care and attention to detail the archeological team must perform to chronicle these findings, treating the skeletal remains with the respect they deserve, whether they be friend or foe.

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