Patriot Research System (PRS) – Article in SAR Magazine – It Is There For You!

Are you looking for a patriot Revolutionary War ancestor?

A great place to start for SAR members seeking supplemental or additional information on their initial ancestor is the Patriot Research System (PRS) developed by the National SAR team.

National SAR Library in Louisville where many Patriot lineages can be researched

This website (requires member login) is:

This PRS website contains 95% of the patriot lineages approved by SAR team during the past 50 years.  Think of this ….. the Patriot Research System has digitized data on more than 150,000 patriot lineages approved by the SAR since 1971.

That is amazing and should be part of your patriot research journey.

If you are seeking more information and want to take advantage of all that SAR PRS system has available, you can learn more at:

There was an article posted in the Winter 2022-2023 SAR Magazine on page 9 written by Rick Smith, Treasurer of the Minnesota Society.  It is well written and easy to understand so I am posting this here to help you better understand this resource available to you.  See the attached .pdf document:  Patriot Research System – SAR Winter 2022-2023 pg 9

Hope this is helpful in your search

for more info on your Patriot ancestor!


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