On Sunday, 3 January 2021, the New Jersey Society SAR paused to remember the 244th Anniversary of the Battle of Princeton with Ohio Society Members joining the Ceremonies

The battle occurred during a crucial ten-day period that commenced with General Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware River and the Continental Army’s victorious attack on the Hessians in Trenton, NJ. This victory was quickly followed by the Battle of Assunpink Creek, the subsequent march northward to Princeton while flanking Lord Cornwallis’ forces, and ultimately defeating the British at Battle of Princeton.

This was a turning point for the Continental Forces, victory at last after the season of discouragement following the campaigns in New York during the prior year.

Members of Hocking Valley and Cincinnati Chapter at the Battle of Princeton Memorial during a 2018 Remembrance Ceremony

Compatriot Al Gummere of the Hocking Valley Chapter and Bob Bowers of the Cincinnati Chapter represented their respective chapters and the Ohio Society during the virtual event conducted by the New Jersey Society.

Al Gumerre of the Hocking Valley Chapter
Top row, far left — Compatriot Al Gummere of the Hocking Valley Chapter
Bottom row, 2nd from left — Compatriot Bob Bowers of the Cincinnati Chapter
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