November 1st BOM Highlights

Cincinnati SAR President Bredenfoerder inducted a new Compatriot to our Chapter during our meeting on November 1th.  Compatriot Michael Mershon’s Patriot Ancestor, Henry Seidel, was from Berks Co. PA. Congratulations Michael!

Compatriot Brad Jarard posted the Colors for the meeting.

If you have not sent your Veterans Day luncheon form in yet, we encourage you to sign up and attend our event on November 11th. Here is the link to the form. Luncheon Form

Additionally, there will be a Patriot Grave Marking for Surgeon General Richard Allison at Wesleyan Cemetery, 4003 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45223 at 2pm on November 12th.We are asking for all Color Guard to muster at 1:30pm at the Cemetery. We will also be taking a new set of color guard photos for the website.

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