New Years – Colonial Times – March 25th – How & When Did They Celebrate?

So, the Christmas season is in full swing.  For many of us, the holidays are about the magic of Christmas.  Watching our children and grandchildren experience the wonder of the season is really rewarding.

It is a special time for all, and it fills our hearts with the warmth of the coming of Christ, time with family and friends and the wonderful experiences we have both giving and receiving.

Next is the New Year.  Time to dust off last years Goals and update for the coming year.

Do you ever wonder how or if our forefathers celebrated the New Year?

I was doing a tad bit of research and came across this article which discusses the New Year timing (March 25th vs. January 1st), and some of the celebration practices of the day.

Enjoy this short read and dazzle your friends and relatives this holiday season with your “off the cuff” facts and revelations.

Extra credit for anyone who can define the act of “Mummery”.

Celebrating the New Year in Colonial America

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