Long Lost Videos – 2014 – Patriots Day – Spring Grove Cemetery

Thanks to the efforts of Mike Gunn, we have located two long lost videos of our 2014 Patriots Day Memorial Services.

We have a Patriots Day Memorial Service scheduled for Sunday April 23rd at 2:00PM at Spring Grove Cemetery.

Both of these services were conducted in Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati Ohio on April 19th 2014.

You can see these on our “Patriot Grave Marking” section of our Cincinnati SAR website.  To see a number of grave marking events, you can go to our website at:


What makes these special is that they are videos and complete with music.  Very nicely done!

The first of the two was a Patriots Day service honoring all American Revolutionary War Patriots buried in the Spring Grove Cemetery.

You can also access these on YouTube at:

The second was the special service honoring Joshua Wyeth.

Thanks for watching!

See you at Spring Grove Cemetery on Sunday April 23rd at 2:00PM.

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