Independence Day 2021

Since Independence Day 2014, the Cincinnati Chapter SAR has come together on July 4th at the Revolutionary War Soldier’s Memorial in Spring Grove Cemetery in remembrance of their service during our struggle for Independence from Great Britain and our Heritage as Americans today .

Each year we have had occasional visitors that witness the ceremony presented by our compatriots. For those that stumble upon our ceremonies during their passage through the cemetery on those beautiful summer afternoons–their encounter with history will be memorable. It provides them an opportunity to recall history lessons learned long ago, long before our current “woke” society came into being. Lessons on how and why we became the Grand Republic and Bastion of Liberty that attracts so many people around the globe seeking asylum and lives in America today.

This year’s casual visitors to our remembrance happened to be originally from the Ukraine and came to America 30 years ago, becoming citizens and contributors to society and their community. Their appreciation for patriotism was apparent–we were blessed to share this ceremony with them!

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