Grave Marking Ceremony Event – Blue Ash Historical Society Program

At 1:00 PM on Saturday, November 6, 2021 at the corner of Cooper & Plainfield Roads in the Carpenters Run Cemetery the Blue Ash Historical Society welcomed about 80 visitors to an event.

Group Photo Opportunity at the Blue Ash Grave Marking Ceremony
After signing into the log visitors were directed to the West side of Plainfield Road where the Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution was in formation. Their Commander Bradley John Jarard welcomed the interested group of about 70 to the 18th Century during the time of our Revolutionary War. This visit included a General overview of the War, the who, where, beginning and end of the War. More about the uniforms; Continental vs Militia; machine vs hand sewn; lack of standardization etc.

Color Guard Commander Bradley Jarad Shares Living History with Participants

After a demonstrated two line Musket firing of blanks by the Color Guardmen: Sgt. Michael Gunn, Lee Wilkerson, Jack Bredenfoerder, Ed Bonniwell, Cpl. Bob Bowers, Bob Hill, OHSSAR Color guard Commander and Al Gummere with Hocking Valley OH Chapter. Also present in formation were Ensign Mike Blum with Flag; Gary Duffield, Highlanders Chapter; Al Manning-Clifty Falls Chapter, Indiana; Elwin Spray, Montgomery Chapter OH SAR & Bart Hendershot, Drummer.

Musket Volley Salute by the Cincinnati SAR Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard

We then approached the audience to perform how the flint lock weapons work, both Muskets and Rifles. They were able to examine the finest weapons of the 18th century by those of us dressed as they did at that time.

Color Guard ‘Presents Arms’ During Ceremony

Everyone walk to the display of 14 flags (50 star US, Betsey Ross, eight Regimental flags used by these Patriots to locate their troops back 250 years ago), Germany Society, Hocking Valley Chapter and the SAR 250 anniversary colors.

Display of 14 Historic Flags including 50 Star & 13 Star

At about 2:15 PM Emcee Larry Collins, Cincinnati SAR called for the Color Guard to post the Colors. Bruce Bennett led us in a pledge to our flag, Emcee led the Pledge to the SAR [“We the descendants of the heroes of the American Revolution who, by their sacrifices, established the United States of America, reaffirm our faith in the principles of liberty and our Constitutional Republic, and solemnly pledge ourselves to defend them against every foe.”]. Next, an Invocation by: OHSSAR Chaplain Dr. Reverend R. E. Bonniwell.

Cincinnati SAR representatives, James Houston, Gordon Stokely, Larry Collins, Ken Burck, Jim Crane

Larry Collins Leads the Grave Marking Ceremony

An Introduction and Welcome of Guests: Larry Collins welcomed the Officers of the Blue Ash Historical Society who had brief remarks. Emcee Collins then identified Descendants of Francis Nicholas one of the 4 Patriots we honored there, James Bingham & Betsey Zajac, a father and daughter who just recently learned of their ancestor Francis Nichols.

Descendants of Patriot Francis Nichols, Betsey Zajac & James Bingham Honor their Relative

The highlight of this part of the ceremony followed with Jim Houston revealing the SAR Grey Granite Marker, which was laid at each Patriots gravesite. Michael Gunn than gave the dedication: “We, the members of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution reveal and dedicate this marked Memorial to the glory of God and in the recognition of the memory of these honorable Patriots of the American Revolution.”

Presentation of SAR Granite Markers for Each Patriot Honored by James Houston & Michael Gunn

Emcee Collins then read the names of our honorees, followed by a ring of a bell:

JOHN EMANS, (1755 – 1821) served with New Jersey as a Private in the Revolutionary War.

NICHOLAS JOHNSTON, (1754-1821) a British soldier who deserted to serve as a Private with New York in the Revolutionary War.

FRANCIS NICHOLS, (1765-1808) served in the Continental army.

PRICE THOMPSON (1755-1842) served with New Jersey in more that five major battles in the Revolutionary War.

Ten wreaths were laid at the foot of the marker by the following Compatriots to further honor these Patriots and all the Veterans who have courageously served to continue our Freedom and Liberty: Compatriots led by Bob Bowers – Cincinnati Chapter, OH, Jack Bredenfoerder – Ohio Society SAR, Turner Lee Wilkerson – TN Society, Gary Duffield – Highlanders Chapter, Alan Manning – Clifty Creek Chapter, IN, Gordon Stokely – Germany Society, Bruce Bennett – State Society of the Cincinnati of Pennsylvania, Al Gummere – Hocking Valley Chapter, Janet Gummere & Elizabeth Scherman – DAR Chapter, and Kimmie Blum – Fort Hamilton CAR Chapter

Emcee Collins led us in a recessional: “Until we meet again, let us remember our obligations to our forefathers, who gave us our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, an independent Supreme Court, and
a Nation of Free Men.” Followed by a Benediction by: OHSSAR Chaplain Dr. Reverend R. E. Bonniwell.

The Color Guard fired a Musket Salute, them assumed the Mourn position as Gordon Stokely played TAPS. Emcee Larry Collins then dismissed all.

Musket Volley Salute by the Cincinnati SAR Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard

Gordon Stokely leads Taps Being Played to Honor Patriots

In Honor of All Patriots Lost, Color Guard Assuming the ‘Mourn Position’ following a Musket Volley Salute

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