George Washington – Statue in London – Does Not Touch British Soil – Curious?

There are more than twenty-five monuments of George Washington around the globe.  One stands in London.  How can that be?

George Washington vowed to never set foot on British soil after the American Revolution.  You will not believe this …..

Statue of George Washington – In London

It is and is not surprising that there is a statue of George Washington in London.  That is because George Washington was admired by the King of England.

That respect came after the American colonies were granted independence, and Washington, the head of the Continental Army, ceded his power and resigned rather than take the country by force (not be a King nor Dictator). The king called Washington “the greatest man of the age.”

What is surprising is that to honor George Washington’s request to “not set foot on British soil”, the erectors of London’s Trafalgar Square statue laid it on a foundation of Virginia soil to ensure that Washington did not tell a lie.  Thinking cherry tree here?

Original Statue of George Washington – in Richmond Virginia – 25 cast replicas were made and placed around the world including the London statue

The respect between Washington and King George may have been one sided.

The full article on this really interesting story is below:


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