Genealogy Corner – Use of DAR Applications for SAR

Sharing this information as it may help you understand the difference between DAR record copies which “can be used” vs. “not acceptable” proof for SAR applications.

Recently I submitted a SAR Supplemental Application for approval.  The application included references to a DAR record copy prepared and submitted by one of my relatives.  Unfortunately the DAR application did not have check marks “referred to as verification marks”.  The check marks indicated that the reviewing genealogist verified / proved the information.  As such, since no check marks, no approval.  As a result, I am required to go back and find verifiable evidence of my patriot ancestor.

This can be (OK, it is) a frustrating experience.  Our choices are to say “to heck with it” or power through.  My plan is to power through for a reasonable investment of time. Based on my current feelings about this process, I can see how others give up on the pursuit.

The amount of time invested in proving lineage is significant.  Growing our SAR membership is dependent on how many prospective new members are willing to “power through” and complete this significant effort.

I am learning more about what is accepted proof for connecting lineages of my patriot ancestors.  Note that as each day passes, more and more information is being collected and connected to our patriot ancestors.  Unfortunately not all is correct and in many situations information may not be available to definitively prove the connections.

Thank goodness for the local historical societies which have largely volunteers who can help dig into records and assist in providing research.  Without them, capturing information to provide the “direct proof” or “alternative verifications” is and will be difficult.

To help with coaching us through preparing these SAR applications and how to use the available DAR records, the NSSAR Genealogy Staff prepared a “primer / guide” on how to use DAR record copies.  This article appeared in the Winter edition of the SAR Magazine.

If you are planning to leverage DAR work that has been completed, this article should be considered a must read and used prior to submitting DAR record copies as SAR application proof.

The article is in the SAR Magazine – Winter 2022-23 Edition, page 15.  Providing the pdf document below for convenience:

Genealogy Corner – SAR article – SAR Magazine – Winter 2022-23 pg 15

Best of luck for you to “power through” your SAR applications! 

We are kindred spirits!


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