Founding Fathers – How They Shaped The Nation – want to learn more?

In my search to understand who the Founding Fathers were, how they became so influential in the birth of our nation, I came across a nice summary which is easy to read.

This provides a nice introduction, is not 500 pages long and gets someone started on learning more about the founding of our great country.

This would be great for sharing with high school students studying American history.

There is a link below to an article on which is a great start.

In addition, providing a bit more detail is a booklet in a magazine type format published in book stores.  It also includes a nice article about “The Constitution and its Legacy”.

The title of the booklet / magazine style document is:  “Founding Fathers How They Shaped The Nation”.

I located this book in a local book store as well as see it on Amazon and Ebay.  Half way through this book, it is a great primer on these great men.  Again, shorter in length, provides the key facts and puts you into position to research more in depth if you want to learn more.  It appears to be in limited print so don’t wait if interested.






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