Fort Laurens – SAR Guards the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

On a warm summer day the combined Color Guards from the State of Ohio joined together to honor the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier who was laid to rest under the white monument in the Fort Laurens historic site.

The Color Guard was led by SAR leaders Tom Hankins and Bob Hill who met early with the Color Guard participants and gave instructions on the days events, teaching us the proper marching etiquette.

Color Guard Commanders Tom Hankins and Bob Hill Give Instruction to Color Guard Members

The plan was to continuously have Color Guard members patrol the Tomb site from 9am to 3pm.  Unfortunately some severe weather and heavy rains terminated our activities at about 2:00pm.  A large pine tree only 100′ from the tomb was severely damaged during the storm.

This program is intended to mimic the 24/7/365 guarding of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which occurs in Arlington Cemetery in Washington D.C..

A hurried musket volley concluded the ceremony as the ominous clouds rolled our way with an attempt to dampen our spirits.  We did get wet however our spirits were strong.

Color Guard Prepares to Execute a Musket Salute

At that point, there was a race with mother nature as the rains pelted the participants while cleaning up.

Yikes! Mother Nature Won This Round!

It was a great day to honor those lost at Fort Laurens and a time to respect and appreciate all soldiers and patriots who over the course of our history have given so much to gain and retain our freedoms.

Fort Laurens Entry Way

We were honored to be able to participate in such an event.

Update – the Unknown Soldier in the tomb has been identified.

During the brief life of Ft. Laurens during the American Revolutionary War, there were 21 soldiers killed defending the fort.  There were five unidentified soldiers including one in the area of the Unknown Tomb monument.  Recently the unknown soldier in the tomb location was identified.  In the near future there is a plan to inter the now identified tomb soldier back in the Museum crypt and move one of the unidentified soldiers to take the rightful place under the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier”.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the Fort Laurens Museum behind

This is an annual event for the SAR, one which we plan on continuing.

Map of Ohio Showing Fort Laurens Location

Thank you Mother Nature for providing us more favorable temperatures during the day and holding out with the drenching rains until the last part of our scheduled event.


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