Fathers Day – what it means to us

Today is the day when Fathers are recognized.

Actually today is the day when we show thanks to all who are a father.

A Father is combined with a Mother to create a wonderful outcome called children.

So today is a day of thanks for both our Father, complete with our Mother to make us all possible.

Is it the chicken, or the egg?  Actually it is both.

In SAR we are ancestrally linked to both Fathers and Mothers who contributed to the American Revolutionary War events to create the first government who answered to the people, not a dictator.

For that, we are grateful and honored that they gave so much, often with blood to make this great experiment possible.

So, for today, we are thankful for all Fathers and Mothers who came together to create children who shared a vision and sacrificed for us to be free.

We are so lucky to be part of the United States of America, no matter how we got here.

This is truly a day of thanks!

Cincinnati SAR

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