Color Guard – clothing for these hot summer months! 18th Century Hunters Frock – Commander Approved!

Color Guard Members – clothing alert for these hot summer months.

Our Color Guard Commander Brad Jarard identified the following source of a period correct hunters frock.  This would be much cooler during the hot summer months vs. a wool coat.

Hunters Frock created by Cyndi Walker

This hunters frock is available from Cyndi Walker who can be reached by email at:

To learn more about the Hunter’s frock offering, see the Facebook link below:

The “18th Century Trading Post” is a Facebook group (you must join to receive full access).  You can access the “18th Century Trading Post” to find vendors who can source other SAR related clothing and equipment.

The link to this Facebook group is:

Note from Facebook from Cyndi Walker

Taking orders for traditional 18c. Style Linen Hunting Shirt. This style is based on extant garments. Made of heavy linen and comes in a Basic Shirt but add on features are available.
Shirt is machine sewn of heavy flax linen in the natural (grayish tan) color shown here. Bleached (off white) is also available. Sleeves are gathered to body and cuffs. Basic has one cape, no collar, pewter button on cuffs, fringe on cape, fronts, bottom edge, shoulder seam and at mid point of sleeve. About 30″ from shoulder to bottom. If you need longer length please note when ordering and add $5/ each 2 additional inches.
Basic Shirt as described up to 47″ chest is $170 (you pull the fringe) $190 (I pull the fringe). 48″- 52″ chest add $10
Options: 1) linen ties or loop and button at neck– Add $10 2) Hand sewn button holes on cuffs–Add $25. 3) Pleated forearm below elbow (machine sewn)–Add $35.
Shipping is extra. See more photos in comments.
To order message me or email me at


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