Cincinnati SAR Youth Contest Winners Take Top Ohio Society SAR Awards

Cincinnati SAR Youth Contest winners took three first-place awards and two second-place awards at the recent Ohio Society SAR Annual Meeting in Dublin, Ohio.


Jackson Torrans and Madelyn Torrans

Awarded first-place awards were: Jackson Torrans for his poster that illustrated “The Shot Heard Round The World”. Madelyn Torrans created a brochure that explained the importance of the U.S. Constitution and Trenton Borders wrote an essay entitled “Robert Morris: Businessman Turned Revolutionary”.


Trenton Borders

Trenton also took second place in the Ohio Society Boy Scout Scholarship Competition.

Cincinnati contestant Jonathan Smithe received the second place D.G High Oration Award for his oration entitled “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death”.


Jonathan Smithe

These four students were awarded a combined total of more than $1,500 in cash prizes and awards by the Ohio Society. Jackson, Madelyn and Trenton will be entered into the National Society SAR contests that will be determined in mid-July at the National SAR Congress in Houston, Texas.

Congratulations Jackson, Madelyn, Trenton and Jonathan!

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