Cincinnati SAR Welcomes New US Citizens

On February 18, 2022 at 2 PM Compatriots Gerald Knight, Jack Bredenfoerder and Michael Gunn welcomed 71 new Citizens from 38 Countries at a Naturalization Ceremony held at Cincinnati Masonic Center located at 317 E. 5th St., Cincinnati, OH.

Cincinnati SAR compatriots Jack Bredenfoerder, Michael Gunn and Gerald Knight welcome new US Citizen

Presiding Magistrate Judge Timothy Black Proclaimed the 71 “new citizens” after Emily Hiltz administered the oath at a ceremony at 2:30 PM.

Emily Hiltz administers the Oath to new US Citizens in Cincinnati

Senator Rob Portman’s three representatives addressed those naturalized and thanked them for coming into this Country by the legal means.

Seventy-one new US Citizens from 38 Countries are administered the Oath in Cincinnati

With the Federal Courthouse under Covid-19 restrictions this venue has been a godsend for the U.S. Citizenship officials and US District Courts as it enables social distancing of over 100 with great acoustics in a well-designed auditorium.

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