Cincinnati SAR shares history with local students

CCSAR Youth Education Meeting with Three Rivers Local School Board

On February 8, 2022 Jack Bredenfoerder and Michael Gunn attended the meeting of the Taylor Middle School’s Board Meeting in uniform and presented the gratitude of the Cincinnati SAR for the courtesy of the Board, the Teachers and students over the past five years during our Revolutionary War Era History presentations.

Superintendent Mark Ault recognized our presence with the board’s acknowledgement of the value we bring to their student body and their intention to continue the program.

Jack presented Mr. Ault with an OHSSAR challenge coin before we gave the members a few examples of our exchange with the sixth-grade students: a bowl made from a gourd, a spoon made from a cow horn and a 2 pound cannon ball from the battle at Yorktown. Each member had an opportunity to hold the item we received as a gift from Compatriot Jesse Andrews. A very successful exchange with the educators.

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