Cincinnati SAR Presents Their ROTC Medal at Xavier University

On Thursday,  April 27, 2013 past Cincinnati Chapter President of the Sons of the American Revolution Mike Gunn presented the SAR Silver ROTC Medal to Midshipman 2nd Class Taylor James at the Xavier Armory.

Midshipman James was one of more than 20 students who received recognition for their hard work and dedication in this military science organization.

Facilitating the event for Xavier was Lt. Colonel Leslie Stansfield, Military Science Department Head and Captain Daniel Lacy,  Asst. Professor.

Cadet Taylor James received the SAR medal because he exemplified principles of “citizen-soldier” as the Minutemen of the American Revolutionary War bearing, leadership potential, attitude, scholastic achievements, and general excellence.

His Commanding officers were given full latitude in selecting this outstanding ROTC cadet.

Congratulations to Cadet James!

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