Cincinnati SAR Presents the Revolutionary War to Shilling School

The Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (CCSAR) Presented a Day About the Revolutionary War to Shilling School for Gifted Children on Wednesday, October 2, 2019 at 8100 Cornell Road, Cincinnati.

The program began with an assembly where all of the students gathered in an auditorium where the four presenters, attired in Revolutionary War uniforms, posted the Betsy Ross flag and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the 18th Century Icon in a “present arms” stance. This was followed by an introduction of each Cincinnati SAR member in revolutionary War garb and a brief overview of the Patriot Ancestor that enabled his membership in the SAR, the battles he fought and weapons employed some 250 years ago to secure the liberty and freedom from the king of England that we continue to enjoy today.

The students were given time to ask questions germane to the Revolutionary War and/or the founding of the USA. Their curiosity was interesting and unplanned as they were not prepped for the subject or the event on the Wednesday; however, much was learned by Deborah Fields & other teachers, students and Presenters.

The K through 12th grade students were divided into five groups and rotated into the four classrooms where the topics on the Revolutionary War varied.

The SAR Youth Program Volunteers presented four different topics at the Patriots Day Program held in the Shilling School’s classrooms:  Artifacts of the Late 18th Century by Michael Gunn; Yorktown Experience by Dr. Ed Boniwell; The life of the everyday Revolutionary War soldier by Jack Bredenfoerder; Interesting antidotes about the Revolutionary War by Mark Holland.

Talking about Rev War Cannon Balls


 18th Century Tableware


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