Cincinnati SAR Participates in Princeton H.S. JROTC Ceremony

Michael B. Gunn, Ph.D.
Past President, Patriot Graves Chair CCSAR

On Tuesday, May 7, 2019 at 6 PM Michael Gunn with the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution sat with a group of 15 other representatives from Patriotic and Civil organizations in the Cafeteria of Princeton High School. Also present were many of the 100 members of the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps who train and study at the High School. This was the 20th Annual Cadet Awards Banquet and Ball Ceremony where excellence was to be rewarded.

Guided by Emcee Cadet Langford and under the direction of Russell P. Brockway, M.Ed

Lieutenant Commander, U. S. Navy (Retired) and D. A. McDermott, Senior Chief, U. S. Navy (Retired); a ceremonial military event of some pomp and circumstance began promptly at 1800 hours with Cadet Jonathan Helton leading the Color Guard in Presentation of the Colors, followed by the playing of our National Anthem. After a POW-MIA ceremony and introduction of guests we all enjoyed a dinner, including attending parents and cadets. Toasts and a guest speaker, Master Sgt. David Heisel, Jr. preceded the presentation of awards.

Past President of the Cincinnati SAR Chapter, Michael Gunn honored Cadet Jonathan Helton with our JROTC Bronze Medal to acknowledge his excellence in leadership and study in this Navy unit. Other presenters included DAR Member Ms. Kathy Schmidt, who awarded Cadet Langford in the 16 special awards given by guests at the event.

In addition to Langford and Helton, Cadets Brooksbank and Leonhardt were included is special recognition by the Navy JROTC before the large number of ribbons were distributed to the many cadets who worked hard to earn honors this past year.

After the eight seniors were piped over the side (wished a farewell to the unit as they left in graduation this year); and a change of Cadet Command Ceremony completed we were all dismissed.

An impressive evening of witnessing the results of great direction by parents, Naval instruction and genuine efforts by the Cadet students here at Princeton High School.


Cadet Jonathan Helton receives the SAR Bronze Medal from Michael Gunn


Change of Cadet Command Ceremony at Princeton’s Navy JROTC, for 2020

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