Cincinnati SAR Meets the Impact of the COVID – 19 On Public Gatherings

My personal experience has now born out our concerns regarding complications for attendance at living history presentations, pursuant to current fears of the Coronavirus. When I arrived at the Otterbein Senior Facility in Lebanon, OH on Tuesday, March 10th just before Noon I was met with the request to fill out the Coronavirus Form before entry into the building. I did notice the hallways were not so populated as when we were there for Lt. Hall’s 100th B-day just a week ago, but little was I to know how that would affect my 1 PM Program.

After setting up the three tables of 18th Century Artifacts, Uniforms, an array of flags, weapons etc. the room was prepared for 40 attendants. However, after being introduced by Jill Vetere a staff events coordinator there we had only 8 persons who attended the presentation (3 others stepped in for a short period of time).

At 2:20 PM when I had completed the program, Jill had returned and apologized for the sparse attendance and attributed the C-Virus. We are sorry for the sparse attendance, but are pleased those who did come asked good questions and were appreciative of the event. 

Welcome to the world of instant communications and God Bless America!

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