Cincinnati SAR Celebrates Flag Day

The Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution celebrated Flag Day at their annual Flag Day luncheon held at the Blue Ash Crowne Plaza on Sunday, June 11th. Ohio Society President Col. (Ret.) Don McGraw Jr. and Miss Anna Wilke presented the Howard Miller Memorial Flag Collection to the assembly.

The Captain Howard Miller Memorial Flag Collection was assembled by vexillologist Captain Howard Miller. He and his wife travelled thousands of miles giving talks to many organizations throughout the U.S. When age became a handicap, he presented the collection of 65 flags to the Cincinnati Chapter with the stipulation that the collection must be displayed at least once a year. In 1986, an agreement was signed wherein the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution was loaned this historic display. The Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution gratefully acknowledges this patriotic and personal donation which represents a lifetime of work and untiring research by Captain Miller. The continuing presentations of the collection permits the history of our American past to be shared and remembered from generation to generation.

Flags serve many purposes. They symbolize a people and represent national pride. Flags convey a shared history. Over the centuries, military units have carried flags and colors. Colors and flags affirm group identity . They build pride and morale, and represent the group’s honor. In battle, flags served as a rallying point when a formation was broken. Troops gathered around the flag to regroup, attack or retreat. Flags marked specific individuals, locations and functions such as hospitals and ambulances. Infantry regiments regularly held trooping ceremonies. Colors were paraded up and down the line of assembled soldiers to music to make sure the men remembered the colors. A guard of noncommissioned officers usually protected flags and colors. Held in great reverence, a regiment’s honor was embodied in its colors. The entire regiment was humiliated if its colors were lost in battle.

In addition to the Miller Flag presentation, OHSSAR President Don McGraw inducted eight new compatriots into the Cincinnati Chapter: Matthew Burgess, Jay Doty, Trevor Hamilton, Christopher Hamlin, Gary Oelrich, Gregory Oelrich, Leonard Slovensky and Vance Towler.

Three supplementals were awarded by CCSAR President Jack Bredenfoerder: one to Compatriot Ken Carpenter and two to Compatriot Erv Chaney. OHSSAR President Don McGraw also awarded the Military Service Medal to Compatriot Brad Jarard and a Fort Laurens Regiment Commission of Captain to Compatriot Ian Cunningham.

CCSAR President Bredenfoerder presented President McGraw and Miss Wilke with framed canvas art prints of the Miller Collection and Miller Collection coffee mugs in gratitude for their outstanding presentation. The afternoon was indeed a very colorful, educational and patriotic celebration!



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