Cincinnati SAR Awards Medals at Diamond Oaks Career Center Ceremonies

On May 3, 2022 at 1800 hours at Diamond Oaks, 6375 Harrison Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio the JROTC 2022 Enhance Awards program was held and officiated by James Michael Moyer CW2, US Army (Ret) and Major Sergeant Seward, Army Instructors for the Diamond Oaks Career Center.

More than 100 students participate in this successful program and were eagerly present to receive awards and medals for their efforts performed over the past few years. About 130 students and parents attended the Ceremony that honored these Cadets.

Instructors James Michael Moyer CW2, US Army (Ret) and Major Sergeant Seward present medals to Cadets at Diamond Oaks

Michael Gunn, past President of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution, presented Cadet C/SGT Keith McCalla the SAR bronze JROTC medal in recognition of superior leadership abilities and accomplishments, military bearing and overall excellence.

These exemplify the high ideals and principles which motivated and sustained our patriot ancestors during the Revolutionary War. Many other medals and other awards were distributed by Patriot groups like the DAR, American Veterans, The Masons, etc.

Cadet C/SGT Keith McCalla receives the JROTC Medal from CCSAR Michael Gunn

Congratulations to all the Cadets in the Diamond Oaks Career Center!

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