Cincinnati Chapter SAR Remember’s Veteran’s Day Service at the Mohawk Honor Roll Memorial on November 11, 2020

The 75th Anniversary of the Honor Roll Memorial located in the Mohawk Community of the City of Cincinnati was celebrated with social distancing and by wearing protective masks by attendees and presenters alike.

The memorial was originally Dedicated on November 18, 1945 and rededicated in 2011 by replacing the bronze plaques which had been pilfered by thieves with Granite panels containing the names of the several hundred local citizens who responded to their call to serve in WWII. It is our duty now to remember their sacrifices and those others who stood to obtain and protect our freedoms over the 250 years since the founding of our Republic, these United States of America.

Assembled this day to bring the honor at this Memorial Service were:

Jackie Stevens, DMA of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, who sang pre-ceremony, National Anthem and Post Ceremony.

Emcee Michael Wolber, CWO4 USN Retired, son of Honoree

Invocation and Benediction by Rev Dr. Ed Boniwell, Ohio Society & Cincinnati Chapter SAR Chaplain

Post of Colors & Musket Salute by Cincinnati SAR Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard—CMDR Brad Jarard, Ohio Society & Cincinnati Chapter President Lee Wilkerson, * V,P. Jack Bredenfoerder, OH Highlanders Chapter Pres Gary Duffield, Germany Society* Secy. Michael Gunn, Robert Bowers, Daniel Schmitz & Ed Boniwell.

Congressman, Army Colonel, Dr. Brad Wenstrup, Speaker and Gulf War Veteran

Pledge of Allegiance led by Family of John Wolber, Honoree

Wreath Ceremony by Nick Ruehlman & Honoree Jim Pragar’s Grandson

Taps by Beth Fischer, Bugles Across America

Colors Retired by Cincinnati SAR Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard

Special Note: by a show of hands about 60 of the 80 attendees were family of at least one of the Honorees at this moving Veterans Day & 75th Anniversary of the Memorial in 1945.

By Michael Gunn

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