Christmas – How Did American Revolutionary War Troops Celebrate Christmas?

How did American Revolutionary War troops celebrate Christmas?

Is it true that Hessian troops fighting with the British introduced the Christmas tree to the American Colonies?

Was the ultimate Christmas present to the newly declared split from Britain the surprise victory at Trenton in the infamous “Crossing the Delaware” raid?

The following is an article I located written by Hollee Chadwick which covers the Christmas holiday in the new colonies.

The last line of the attached article is really important.  It follows:

“It can be said, indeed, it is being said by this author, that Christmas has not only brought us the Prince of Peace, it has also brought us the freedom to worship the prince of Peace in the manner which we as a free nation choose. The fight for individual freedom for all Americans would come less than a century later (Civil War).”

Christmas During the American Revolutionary War


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