CCSAR Participates In Honoring The Dayton Six With Medal For Heroism

On Saturday, February 8th at the Hope Hotel & Richard C, Holbrooke Conference Center 80 people were invited to attend a luncheon and Ceremony to Honor six Police Officers who risked their own lives to quell an active shooter who was killing people in Dayton Ohio’s Historical Oregon District on August 4th, 2019. The Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (CCSAR) joined the Ohio Society SAR (OHSSAR) in an opportunity to present the SAR’s highest Honor for Heroism to:

Sergeant William “Chad” Knight
Officer Jeremy Campbell
Officer Vincent Carter
Officer David Denlinger
Officer Ryan Nabel
Officer Brian Rolfes

CCSAR Past President & OHSSAR past President James D. Schaffer (a retired Blue Ash Police Officer) was instrumental in working with the Dayton Police Department’s management and SAR with the arrangements for the event. He was supported by seventeen members of CCSAR and 30 members of the Ohio SAR at the Ceremony. Ohio Attorney General David Yost was the Keynote Speaker who presented a moving overview of the circumstances that occurred the evening of August 4th 2019 where these brave men proved their metal and how the thin Blue Line serves under very difficult circumstances.
Each table was set by the Ladies Auxiliary of OHSAR with a vase containing six matched red roses and six thin blue ribbons affirming the action and tradition of these six. The room was specially decorated with the Hub Scott Colonial Flag Collection of Flags flown over these United States of America and served for the past 250 years by many other brave men. The ceremony was emceed by CCSAR President Turner Lee Wilkerson and the medals presented by OHSSAR President L. Steven Hinson.
Tribute properly made to these men who went into action in a very timely manner to prevent even more carnage. As Chaplain Boniwell prayed at the Benediction, God Bless them and God Bless these United States of America.

The “Thin Blue Line” by Laurie Bredenfoerder
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