CCSAR Color Guard members bound for Saratoga
The Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution is planning for seven of its members to attend the annual wreath laying at Stop #2 of the Saratoga National Park in New York Sunday, Sept. 17.
Jack Bredenfoerder, current chapter president, will place a wreath for the Cincinnati Chapter, OHSSAR Secretary Wilkerson will lay a wreath for the Ohio Society and Compatriot Michael Gunn will lay a wreath on behalf of the Germany Society.

The CCSAR members making the trip are Gregg Ballman, Bob Bowers, Jack Bredenfoerder, Mike Gunn, Bradley Jarard, Shaun Smith and Lee Wilkerson. This ceremony recalls this 1777 battle (at Saratoga) which turned the tide of the British victories and more importantly showed the French their financial support of the actions of the American Colonies would be a worthy investment against their British enemy.

The Cincinnati Chapter has been granted permission to provide the Musket Salute at the Battle of Saratoga Victory Commemoration.

Photos and Article by
Michael B. Gunn, Ph.D.,
Past President, Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution

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