Calling All Color Guard Members – State Event – Thursday May 4th – Saturday May 6th – see schedule

Color Guard members – we need your participation for the upcoming State meeting here in Cincinnati.

All hands on deck! 

Color Guard members – if you are attending the State events over the weekend please come in uniform. 

The attached schedule shows the dates / times for all the events of this weekend, and specifically highlights (see yellow) the dates / times that the Color Guard is expected to participate.

Most Recent Program with Color Guard times:

ColorGuardProgram v2 PM of 04_10_2023

Reservation Forms – complete and mail back to Mike Blum – see form for details:

Reservation Forms – Page 3 & 4 of original

For your information, sharing the email exchange from Jack which may be helpful in combination with the above flyer to understand the upcoming events.  I will update this with any corrections as plans formalize.

Note from Jack B Sunday April 9th

“Our 134th Annual OHSSAR Meeting will be on May 4th – May 6th. With the visit of the NSSAR President General and First Lady, the Central District Vice President General, the NSSAR Executive Director, the OSDAR Vice Regent and the O.S.C.A.R. President I would like a well-represented OHSSAR Color Guard present at three key points of our meeting schedule. I am attaching the general schedule for the meeting with the three events highlighted where we will need the support of the Ohio Society Color Guard.”

Main Color Guard Events which participation required:

  • Friday May 5th – 8:30 AM muster time for 9:00 Program
    • The opening ceremonies of our annual meeting at 9:00 AM on Friday the morning of May 5th. We need Color Guard to post six flags: the US 50, US Betsy, Ohio State, Alabama State (President General’s home state), Washington’s Commander -in Chief Flag (President General’s Flag) and SAR Flag. This would involve the OHSSAR Commander, six flag bearers, and at least two guardsmen for the National Colors. I would suggest an 8:30 AM muster time.


  • Friday May 5th – 5:00 PM Muster for 5:30 Program
    • the second and probably the biggest event, would be a colonnade for the President General’s Review of the OHSSAR Color Guard in the main courtyard of Peterloon when he and the First Lady arrive at approximately 5:30 PM for the formal reception and dinner. We will need to use the same six flags mentioned above adding the Germany Society Flag (I just became the Germany Society President) those seven flags should be supplemented with Regimental and/or Miller Flag Collection Flags. This event would involve the OHSSAR Color Guard Commander, about twenty flag bearers and two guardsmen for the National Colors. I would suggest a muster time of 5:00 PM. We would then need the six flags mentioned above posted for the dinner at 7:00 PM. The Color Guard would be welcome to attend the reception whether they are registered for dinner or not.


  • Saturday 8:15 AM Muster for 9:00AM program
    • The third event is the Grave Marking at Old Armstrong Chapel. Here, I defer to Mike Gunn for what he needs as far as Color guardsmen. I would like the original six flags mentioned plus the Germany Society flag present. What gets posted beyond the National Colors is totally up to him.


  • Saturday PM 11:45 AM Muster for 12:30 program
    • Historical presentation – Waldschmidt Homestead – Brad to determine additional details

Looking forward to a dedicated Color Guard effort for this prestigious event for our chapter and Ohio!

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